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Proposal Tracking Spreadsheet


At last he has been able to do so.

It’s been a lot of work.

Has been

  1. Design a good product / service to sell.
  2. Contact the customer.
  3. Negotiate price.
  4. Have a couple of meetings.
  5. Work a wonderful budget.
  6. Write the best text for the sales email.

After much hard work, implementing a viable minimum selling procedure, you have finally sent your proposal …

And now that? What to do when the proposal is in the mailbox of your future? How to track a proposal?

And then … the silence.

Send the mail with your wonderful proposal and then … nothing.

Spend a day, two days, a week and you have no news … nothing.

Your (future) client, the one for whom you have designed an ideal proposal, that with which you connected, with which it seemed that nothing can fail … no signs of life, this mute!

You verify that the email address is correct, you enter your email again and again … and nothing, there is no response.

Suddenly all the illusion that had put in that project, begins to fade a measure that passes the time, the eyes of the fears … that project was for you!

You do not understand what happens.

What to do when your client does not speak? How to follow up on a proposal?

What to do when your client does not speak?

Bet my surfboard in a situation that has happened more than once.

It’s happened to me a lot of times.

Send the proposal and you do not know how to act:

If you send an email (or call) too soon you may seem desperate.
If you do not send it to the best your client thinks that you are going from him.
The process reminds me of the younger age when I got a girl’s phone … I call? I’m not calling Immediate answer?

The follow-up phase is one of the most critical and important in the entire sales process. Tweet this phrase

You can close a sale or another customer will be freed.

I need your help.

The initial idea of ​​this post was to present you a follow-up procedure.

Both in my time of commercial in Respol, as in this project I have sent sufficient proposals to know what is suffered after.

All this year I’ve read some of the best sales gurus to find out how to do a good follow up.

But I think no one knows better than you.

Each week you send proposals to your clients.

Each week you have to do “perfect tracking” so your client does not escape.

Do you send an email the same day asking if you have questions?
Do you wait at least a week for signs of life?
In the proposal you introduce a “call to action” for your client to the next step?
Do you send any signal through social networks?
Do not do anything and file your offer in “future contacts”?
That is why I want you to tell me in the comments your techniques and tactics once you have submitted your proposal.

I want everyone to build the “best tracking system” that any freelancer has ever seen.

The following post will be exclusively built with your comments.

It’s a totally collaborative post … like this.

It is undoubtedly the way we can all know the best tracking strategies to increase sales.

Proposal Tracking Spreadsheet

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