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Publish Spreadsheet To Web

Publish Spreadsheet To Web – In order for users to view spreadsheets without specifically inviting them to the edits or viewing them, they can publish them as a web page: Those who access a spreadsheet published through the URL will not need a Google account.

To publish a spreadsheet, follow these steps:

Open the Share menu in the upper right corner of the page and select Publish as web page.
In the window that appears, click the Publish Now button.
A unique URL has been generated. You can distribute this URL to any user who wants to see your spreadsheet.
Suggestions for posting:

To post at any time, simply click the Stop posting button on the posting tab.
You can select the option “Automatic rewording when change make” in the spreadsheet. If you do not select this option, the spreadsheet will remain as a “snapshot” of what it was when it was published. In other words, any changes made after the publication will not be reflected in the version accessible on the Web.

You can choose to publish only one sheet of the spreadsheet or publish it whole.

Once a spreadsheet is published, you can click More Publishing Options to access URL Generator that allows you to do it with URLs linked to different format versions of spreadsheets. You can also embed complete spreadsheets in your blog or website.
The xls option is not available for all sheets.

Keep in mind that when you publish a spreadsheet, it only shows access to users in your domain.
If you want your collaborators to publish spreadsheets, be sure to select the option for publishers to share this item on the Advanced Permissions tab. Users must publish, invite other users to edit in the spreadsheet, resend invitations to mailing lists, and check what other users have read permissions.

If this option is not selected, collaborators can not see “Publish as a web page” in their shared menu.

Note: Users who only have read access can not publish.

Publish Spreadsheet To Web

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