Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet – The Excel Worksheet for buying or renting a Property helps you make a choice when you are faced with the option of renting or purchasing a property to live in.
You can add the concepts you want to make the calculation accurate.
Decision to buy or lease property

The decision to rent or buy appears at some point in our lives. When viewing these options you must take into account the costs and benefits that each of them entails.

Usually the costs associated with a rent have to do with the payment of monthly rent, bills for utilities (gas, electricity etc.), utilities, one-time commission from the real estate and one-time deposit of guarantee.

In the case of acquisition, keep in mind that you must always make some advance for the purchase, generally between 15 and 30% of the total value of the property, monthly loan installment in case of debt and payment The scribe.

After analyzing these costs you should then see which of the two options is cheaper. If the decision is to rent, this analysis should be repeated in the future to see if conditions change and should buy.

For greater ease you can use the spreadsheet with the following format, please use one of the following formats that suit your use:

Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

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