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Sales Forecast Spreadsheet Example

Sales Forecast Spreadsheet Example

Sales Forecast Spreadsheet Example – The sales forecast is the estimation or forecast of the sales of a product during a certain period of time. The market demand for a product of the total volume that can be bought by a specific group of consumers, in a specific geographical area, for a specific period, in a defined marketing environment and under a specific marketing program.

Sales forecasts are indicators of economic-business realities (basically the situation of the industry in the market and the participation of the company in that market). The forecast determines that it can be sold based on reality, and the sales plan allows the hypothetical reality to be material, guiding the rest of the operating plans of the company. The main objective of the forecasts is transformed into that of becoming the entrance for the rest of the operative airplanes. The sales forecast is the projection in the future of expected demand giving a set of environmental restrictions. Many companies confuse forecasting with planning. The definition of a sales plan does not include the activities of forecasting demand levels and this is one of the most important differences in this regard.

In this way, the forecasting system is configured as a “learning system”. It is intended to determine the errors in the forecasts based on the environmental changes that generated them, in the sense of improving their accuracy in the future.

Basic forecasting terms

  1. Market factor: it is an object of the market that 1) exists in the market, 2) it is finite and measurable and 3) it is related to the demand for a good or service. For example the number of restaurants is a market factor as it relates to the demand for food raw materials, dishes, etc.
  2. Potential of sales of a market: it is the total sale of the same product of all the companies that market it, in optimal conditions, during a determined period. This involves two things: 1) marketing plans were designed and executed to perfection and 2) all market members willing to buy the product and the money to do so, they did.
  3. Market Share: is the market share that encompasses the total sales of a particular product. It can refer to one company or several, as well as one or several product.
  4. Sales forecast or company demand: it is the sales estimate that a company makes for a given period, assuming that a particular marketing plan, a market strategy and other business elements are applied. A forecast can be expressed in physical or monetary units.

{\ Displaystyle Q_ {i} = S i Q \, {displaystyle Q i} = S i {Q}


{\ Displaystyle Q_ {i} \,} {\ displaystyle Q_ {i} \,} Company demand i
{\ Displaystyle S_ {i} \,} {\ displaystyle S_ {i} \,} Market share
{\ Displaystyle Q \,} Q \, Total Market Demand


Sales Forecast Spreadsheet Example