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Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business

Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business

Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business – For thousands of years humanity has found a way to keep accounts in an orderly fashion. From clay slabs to electronic spreadsheets to ensure that there is a record of the goods. Although for many years the changes and innovations in accounting were practically non-existent (its basic principles remain unchanged from the beginning), the new provisions of Electronic Accounting in our country are now making many companies difficult to understand how switch to.
As of July 2014, all companies or legal entities are required to keep the records that make up the Accounting in electronic media and to enter their accounting information through the SAT website. For individuals with business activity these provisions apply from January 2015.

There are still many doubts about how to send the information and the dates on which it should be fulfilled. According to the SAT and IMCP, the universe of moral persons required to submit Electronic Accounting is 2 million 246 thousand, while in the case of natural persons is 3 million 894 thousand; Although to this figure it is necessary to subtract 500 thousand that already use the system My Accounts, being relieved of this obligation.
One of the main features of traditional accounting was that it could be carried in multiple formats, provided there was an order in the set of papers that the taxpayers had to deliver. There are companies in Mexico where controls are still carried directly on paper, for example; However, the new provisions of the Treasury make it impossible for an accounting to be maintained in this way or carried in a spreadsheet. The first steps of this new trend were with the Electronic Invoice, to which were added subsequently the digital payroll vouchers. This laid the foundation stones for Accountants to avoid the mountains of paper and the loss of documents that sometimes generated taxpayers’ fines. With digital management, it’s just a matter of keeping the files in order and backed up to make the statements efficiently.
What will change?

The catalog of accounts, the balance of checks, and accounting policies will be new digital documents, in XML format. This makes the process of keeping accounting in a standard spreadsheet inefficient and obsolete, as was done in many offices. From now on it is necessary to have specialized systems that allow a simple transition from Paper Accounting to Digital Accounting.

All these changes made by the authority, although tend to have a period of adoption a little long, are part of a plan to streamline both the report and the collection of taxes. Get closer to your Accountant and make sure you have the right accounting system to efficiently meet this new obligation. Digital accounting is designed so that your office is no longer a hold of accounting vouchers. Enjoy life without paper.

Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business