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Simple Spreadsheet For Ipad

Simple Spreadsheet For Ipad

Simple Spreadsheet For Ipad – With Numbers, you can open spreadsheets stored on your iPad, iCloud Drive, connected servers, and other storage providers, such as Dropbox.

You can also import a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (with the .xls or .xlsx file name extension) into Numbers and make changes to it.

Open a spreadsheet
In the spreadsheet manager, do one of the following:

Open a local version of a spreadsheet: Click the spreadsheet thumbnail.

Tip: You can search the spreadsheet manager by spreadsheet name or view spreadsheets by date or by name. To view these controls, slide down on the spreadsheet manager screen.

Open a spreadsheet saved in the Numbers folder of iCloud Drive: Press the spreadsheet thumbnail.

All files and folders inside the Numbers folder on iCloud Drive will appear in the spreadsheet manager on your iOS devices. By default, Numbers spreadsheets are manually downloaded: the iCloud icon of the spreadsheet thumbnail is clicked on the spreadsheet manager to download and open it. You can have iCloud spreadsheets automatically downloaded by disabling “Downloads per request” in Settings> Numbers.

Open a spreadsheet saved elsewhere in iCloud: Click Locations in the upper left corner of the screen, click iCloud, click the folder containing the spreadsheet, and then click the spreadsheet to download it.

The thumbnail will appear in the spreadsheet manager and in the thumbnail a progress bar will appear during the download. When the download is complete, press the thumbnail.

Note: If you do not see the spreadsheets saved in iCloud, you may need to set iCloud on the device, or activate iCloud Drive for Numbers in Settings> iCloud.

Open a spreadsheet from another file provider (for example, Dropbox): Click Locations in the upper-left corner of the screen, click the name of the provider, and then click the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets opened in this way will not be added to the thumbnails in the spreadsheet manager. You should open the spreadsheets from other file providers using the Locations menu at a time.

Open a spreadsheet sent with AirDrop: Slide up from the bottom of the screen to open “Control Center” and press AirDrop. Press a detection option and, when the AirDrop message appears, click Add.

Open a spreadsheet from a WebDAV or iTunes server: Tap Locations in the upper left corner of the screen, press WebDAV or iTunes, provide the required information and click on the spreadsheet. ITunes will only appear as an option if you have already added a spreadsheet to iTunes.

The thumbnail will appear in the spreadsheet manager and the spreadsheet will open as a local copy. If you edit the spreadsheet, the changes will not sync with other devices unless you have iCloud Drive for Numbers enabled in Settings> iCloud. Thereafter, all of your spreadsheet manager’s worksheets will be stored in iCloud.

Open a spreadsheet in another application
You can open Numbers spreadsheets in other applications installed on your device. For example, you can open a spreadsheet as an ePub in iBooks.

  1. In the spreadsheet manager, click Share button, and then click “Send a copy”.
  2. Press the spreadsheet.
  3. Click a format (you will only see the formats supported by the applications installed on your device).
  4. Tap an app. A copy of the spreadsheet will open or become available in the application.

Simple Spreadsheet For Ipad