Small Business Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

Small Business Expense Tracking Spreadsheet – How to control expenses in Excel.
To control expenses in Excel you have to record the expenses and income in the spreadsheets and then make the difference between them through the functions of Excel. This allows you to see the incoming and outgoing movements of money. But in addition, we can calculate and plan next movements according to the state of the economy, because with the spreadsheet we can also know if we are managing our resources well or if we have to change our way of acting, since the difference can Be positive or negative.

Cost control in Excel to download
It is not necessary to know how to use the Excel program to have a control of expenses, since there are several examples of expenses sheets to download for free, among which are:

Excel templates for daily expenses.
Templates in Excel for the expenses and income of a company.
Excel templates for controlling personal expenses.
For that reason, we wanted to share two types of Excel templates for the control of expenses, one for any type of activity, and another model focused on home accounting that you can download below.
For greater ease you can use the spreadsheet with the following format, please use one of the following formats that suit your use:

Small Business Expense Tracking Spreadsheet


If you hope to download in excel file, pleas click here

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