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Spreadsheet Contents Crossword Clue

Spreadsheet Contents Crossword Clue

Spreadsheet Contents Crossword Clue – Excel Office Tricks
Excel: Contents of a spreadsheet
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A cell is the fundamental unit element of a worksheet. Empty by default, it may become empty or contain a value, which is generally more useful. The value of a cell has two essential characteristics:
Your data type. Four types of values ​​are mainly distinguished:
Numeric literals, for example 3, 1415927, 58% or 1984.
Literal alphanumeric values, for example Book2, Title or Name.
Formulas, ie an expression representing a calculation based on data. The formulas are evaluated by the Excel program. The text, figures, and formulas you enter into a cell are immediately displayed in the formula bar.
Eventually objects, which can be of very different types (images, sounds, videos, etc.).
Its style, which is broken down into style of value (dependent on the type of data considered) and cell style (independent of content).
An Excel cell can contain up to 65,000 characters. The amount of text that can be displayed in a cell depends on the width of the column that contains the cell, the format of the cell, and its contents.

When a worksheet is active, at least one cell is active and bears the active cell name. It is generally indicated with a thicker border, most often black. The contents of an active cell are displayed in the formula bar and its address (or its name if you assigned one) in the name box to the left of the formula bar.

Do not confuse the style of the value, related to the type of data that is in the cell, with cell style, that is the enrichments of which the cell can be endowed.

For greater ease you can use the spreadsheet with the following format, please use one of the following formats that suit your use:

Spreadsheet Contents Crossword Clue

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