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Spreadsheet For Retirement Planning

Spreadsheet For Retirement Planning

Spreadsheet For Retirement Planning – Are you about to retire and want to know what retirement pension corresponds to you for the years worked? Knowing this information is fundamental when planning the years that are not left without working. And what better tool to calculate than Excel templates. Thanks to Excel sheets you can calculate the approximate amount of money that corresponds to us in retirement. In addition, we can download them easily and have them at our disposal when we want. What more can you ask?

How to calculate retirement in Excel templates?
The first thing to keep in mind is that we have retirement options. On the one hand, the retirement pension provided by the State (if it exists) and on the other hand, we have the option to make us a pension plan in which we go.

The indispensable elements for a template that calculates the necessary public retirement:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Gross annual remuneration
  4. Period of contribution to Social Security
  5. Expected retirement age

Instead, if we opt for a retirement plan the components of the Excel template that we must take into account child:

  1. Age
  2. Expected retirement age
  3. Amount of periodic contribution to the pension plan
  4. Choose periodic of the contribution: annual, semiannual, quarterly, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly
  5. Modality: if you want the payment at the beginning of the period at the end
  6. Average annual return

Download Excel Template to Calculate Retirement
Of course, Excel templates are not much more useful than you can imagine, so download this template to calculate your Excel satisfaction and plan your earnings after your working life. You just need to fill in the boxes with your data and the Excel functions perform the calculations for you.

Spreadsheet For Retirement Planning