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Spreadsheet For Tax Expenses

Spreadsheet For Tax Expenses

Spreadsheet For Tax Expenses – Books of Sales, Purchases and Investments for Autonomous Accounting, version 2017. The template is a simple spreadsheet in excellent designed so that self-employed in direct estimation consume their accounting. It includes the following elements:

Book of Purchases and Expenses
Sales and revenue registration
Book of investment property and depreciation
They are obligatory books for all the self-employed who are engaged in business or professional activities and daily to the Treasury by the Direct Estimation Regime, both in its simplified and normal mode. With up-to-date maintenance of this file the freelancer complies with your accounting and you will not need to carry any more books.

The 2017 version incorporates filters that facilitate the navigation and a sheet for the calculation of the totals of IVAs, as well as IGIC, both quarterly and annual.

The template is indicated for freelancers who generate a small number of invoices issued and received, wish to carry directly their accounting and possess the minimum knowledge of excel and accounting. Otherwise, it is advisable to hire an advisory service for self-employed Infoautonomous

Backup scheduling and quarterly printing of revenues and expenses are recommended.

Even if you are starting out as a freelancer, if you want to take full control of your billing and accounting, we recommend you also the values ​​of the possibility of working with a billing software like the one that has an arrangement and completely free of charge in InfoAutonomous.

This professional solution, very easy to use, allows you to issue budgets, invoices and carry out a fast and adequate control of budgeting, billing and collections, in addition to extracting your books of income and expenses and your book of investment goods and amortizations.

Spreadsheet For Tax Expenses