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Spreadsheet Formulas Start With

Spreadsheet Formulas Start With

Spreadsheet Formulas Start With – Excel formulas are what give and tremendous power to our spreadsheets. Without the formulas our spreadsheets would be like any other document created in a word processor. Use the Excel formulas to perform calculations on the data in a sheet and get the results updated every time the data changes.

What are Excel formulas?

An Excel formula is a special code you enter into a cell. That code performs some calculations and returns a result that is displayed in the cell.

There are millions of variations of formulas because each person creates the formula that best suits their specific needs. But regardless of the amount of formulas that a create, all the rules that follow the rules especially the rule that all formulas must start with an equals equal (=). Consider the following formula for cell A1 entered in the formula bar:

Equal symbol in Excel formulas

Pressing the Enter key will get the result calculated by Excel and what has been selected in cell A1:

Calculating an Excel function

We must never forget to enter the same code at the beginning of a formula otherwise Excel will treat the entered text as if it were any other text. Notice what happens in cell B1 by not specifying the equal sign at the beginning of the text:

Equation in Excel without equal

One cell contains the equal symbol and that cell shows the result of the operation, while another cell only displays the text of the equation but does not perform any calculations.


Parts of an Excel formula

All Excel formulas consist of any of the following elements:

Constants the text. An example of a constant is value 7. A text can also be used within a formula but should always be enclosed by double quotes such as “March”.
Constants and text in Excel formulas

Cell references. In the place of use of the constants within our formulas, it can be used as reference of cells that will point to the cell containing the value that you want to include in our formula
Cell References in Excel Formulas

Operators. The operators used in Excel are the same as the mathematicians they know as the equator + for the sum of the * symbol for multiplication.
Operators in Excel formulas

Excel functions. Excel functions can be used within Excel formulas. An example of an Excel function in the function.
Excel functions as part of a formula

Spreadsheet Formulas Start With