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Spreadsheet On Ipad

Spreadsheet On Ipad

Spreadsheet On Ipad – I think I’m not wrong to mention an Excel as the number one spreadsheet program. A everything that is understood inside and for which you have to realize the potential that has. Probably here lies its great success in a program that can serve the user easier with which to make small contact tables to the user who uses it for solving statistical problems.

But after seeing how wonderful it is, we get to our iPad and we do not realize that there is still no version of Excel for iPad, which is fixed in this year, but, and both? For the best alternatives to Excel to use on the iPad.

As alternatives, we can not expect to have all the potential of the Excel tool for Windows but surely you will surprise them with everything you can do with it.

There are two options when working with Excel, the first is to look for an application for spreadsheets that handle these files or look for services in the cloud with which we can work with Excel directly. So what you were looking for was the best of the two options, here you have them.
Here we will find the three best applications to use spreadsheets as an alternative to Excel in our iPad.

Mac users already know what I’m talking about. This is Apple’s spreadsheet program. A powerful option within iOS applications with which they perform almost everything that you propose. Developed especially for iPad to handle it comfortably with your fingers. It has templates so you do not have to get out of zero and be really useful and perform small tasks on the iPad. Fully recommended for users who already use on their Mac as it will be the perfect complement. It also has the possibility of synchronizing the data using iCloud which will be a great way to continue with the work we have left on our Mac. The biggest is the price, since we will have to pay 8.99 € to get us with it.

Documents To Go® – Office Suite
One of the most powerful options you can find in the AppStore. In fact, Documents To Go is everything in the Office Suite with which we can take charge of our spreadsheet of a text editor, Power Point presentations in PDF files. It is compatible with Excel 2007, 2009 and 2010 sheets, and a great advantage is that it retains the original format. It is definitely one of the most complete options you can find. We can find the Premium option that allow us to use files stored in Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.net, iDisk and SugarSync.


Another option you can find in the App Store, simple, simple and economical. For only 2.69 € You have the opportunity to use a powerful application to manage your spreadsheets. It is compatible with Excel or Numbers with which spreadsheets are imported and exported to work with them. And another great advantage is the use of Google for document synchronization, so it sounds very easy to take them wherever you want. It is not the most powerful application of all things but you need a simple and economical application iSepa leaf of yours.

CloudOn is a cloud service with which you can work directly with our Microsoft Office files. Therefore, we can use this service to create and edit our Excel sheets on iPad without any problem. Best of all, direct connection to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive and of course direct editing of Microsoft Excel sheets. It is certainly one of the best alternatives and you want to work in the cloud of our iPad with the pampering Microsoft products.

Google Drive
The old Google Docs with the new Google Drive name, is a simple and convenient cloud storage document service. Being part of the ecosystem Google helps us to integrate with our mail, calendar, tasks, etc. Point a favor to get in other services. The tool is not the most powerful, but we can create and edit spreadsheets from our iPad and store in the cloud without any complication.

Outlook SkyDrive
With the transformation of Hotmail in Perspective has got the documents in the cloud too Thanks to the service called SkyDrive you can create and edit Excel books in the cloud. Your big point is a favor, a Microsoft tool that ensures you greater compatibility with the desktop version of Windows. It is also one of the most powerful options you can find, with a large number of options when editing our files. If you already have an Outlook account, it is a great way to create and edit Excel on your iPad.

Spreadsheet On Ipad