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Spreadsheet Test For Interview

Spreadsheet Test For Interview

Spreadsheet Test For Interview – Lately it has become fashionable in job interviews to do some testing on Microsoft Office, especially on Excel. In Excel and VBA we are attentive to what the job market asks for and that is why we bring you a summary of the most frequent questions that can be asked in Excel work interviews.

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2 Good Luck
3 A final question
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The most normal questions you can ask about Excel, and this depends on the company you go to and the type of work they are:
Use the OFFSET function. To learn more, click here. To practice a little click here.
Make a Pivot Table. To read a complete tutorial click here. With a little more level click here.
Use the INDIRECT function together with the DIRECTION function. To know more about the INDIRECT function click here. To know more about the DIRECTION function click here.
Link an Excel table to a PowerPoint.
Record a macro and do some small modification. This is not the most normal thing in the world, but it’s worth taking a look so you do not get caught up in new ones. If you want to know a little more click here.
These tests in Excel are usually of memory and what they are looking for is to verify that you have some knowledge and that it does not take thousands of hours to make a small demonstration. The normal duration of this test is about 30 minutes.

In less demanding places, maybe you’ll have more time and an exercise where you have to apply normal Excel functions. In this case I recommend that you take a look at this exercise to refresh the memory. Exercise basic functions.


We can only wish you good luck. Remember that the first thing is not to get nervous. You can know a lot Excel but do not try to prove everything.

The steps that you must follow to overcome this interview are:

Remove the formulas from Excel. If you have to put the example put a simple one. You can use a list of countries and approximate population (you will not be judged because you know the population of Europe).
Make the PivotTable based on this. Get yourself one you know works. Improvise only fools do, not geniuses.
If you have finished, apply formatting, do not let it look like everyone else. Put titles, bold, boxes and whatever it takes. To improve the presentation you can click here.


And you, what questions have you asked yourself on other occasions? Have they been difficult for you? What type of job was it? Share with us in the comments so that we can update this article and leave it always ready.

Spreadsheet Test For Interview