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Spreadsheets Business Intelligence Tools

Spreadsheets Business Intelligence Tools Business Intelligence Tools is a type of application software designed to collaborate with business intelligence (BI) processes in organizations. Specifically, these are tools that assist the analysis and presentation of the data. While some Business Intelligence tools do not include ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Load) functionality, ETL tools are generally not considered as Business Intelligence tools.

Types of business intelligence tools for ERM
Digital Dashboards or Digital Control Panels. – Also known as Business Intelligence Dashboards, they are visual summaries of business information, which show at a glance the understanding of global business conditions using metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This is a very popular Business Intelligence Tool for a few years now.
OLAP (online analytical processing) (including HOLAP, ROLAP and MOLAP) – It is the capacity of some managerial decision support systems that enable interactive examination of large volumes of information from various perspectives.1
Reports applications generate aggregate data views to keep management informed about the status of your business.
Data mining – Extraction of information from consumer databases, using applications that can isolate and identify consumer patterns or trends in a high volume of data. There are a variety of data mining techniques that reveal different types of patterns.2 Some of the techniques are statistical methods (Particularly Business Statistics) and Neural Networks as highly advanced forms of data analysis.

  1. Open Source Business Intelligence Products [edit]
  2. Eclipse BIRT Project: Report generator for Eclipse-based open source Web applications
  3. JasperReports
  4. LogiReport: LogiXML Web-Based Free BI Application
  5. OpenI: Simple Web application oriented to OLAP reporting.
  6. Stick:
  7. Pentaho
  8. RapidMiner (formerly known as YALE):
  9. SpagoBI:

Commercial products

  1. ACE * COMM
  2. Act
  3. ApeSoft
  4. Applix
  5. Atlas SBI
  6. Bitool ETL Tool and Visualization
  7. BiPoint – Business Intelligence
  8. Bingo Intelligence
  9. BIRT Analytics
  10. BiyCloud Smart: QlikView + Cloud + Social Business]
  11. BI4Web – Business Intelligence For Web
  12. Business Objects
  13. CA Oblicore Guarantee
  15. IBM Cognos
  16. ComArch
  17. CyberQuery
  18. Crystal Reports
  19. Dimensional Insight
  20. Dife
  21. DVelox
  22. Dynamic Data Web
  23. Dexon Software3 Business Solutions Experts
  24. Hyperion Solutions Corporation (now Oracle)
  25. IdeaSoft – Business Intelligence & Performance
  26. IAnalytics, Business Intelligence in Hospital Pharmacy
  27. Information Builders
  28. SQL Report (QLR Manager)
  29. Intelsuite
  30. InetSoft Technology
  31. LiteBI
  32. LogiXML
  33. Màpex Dynamics
  34. Microsoft Excel
  35. Microsoft SQL Server – BI Tool Suite (Analysis Services, Integration Services, and Reporting Services)
  36. MicroStrategy
  37. Nucleon BI Studio
  38. NiMbox
  39. Oracle Corporation (search Oracle Business Intelligence Server ONE)
  40. OutlookSoft
  41. Panorama Software
  42. Pentaho BI_SW
  43. PerformancePoint Server 2007
  44. Pilot Software, Inc.
  45. Prelytis
  46. Proclarity
  47. Prospero Business Suite
  48. QlikView
  49. Jedox
  50. SAP Business Information Warehouse
  51. SAP Lumira
  52. SAS Institute
  53. Siebel Systems
  54. Smile-Sotware
  55. Spotfire
  56. StatSoft
  57. SPSS
  58. Synerplus
  59. Tableau Software
  60. Tacnetting
  61. Telerik
  62. Teradata
  63. Yellowfin Business Intelligence

Spreadsheets Business Intelligence Tools

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