Stamp Inventory Spreadsheet

Stamp Inventory Spreadsheet – I have been recommended that if I want to have controlled from A to Z, each and every one of the seals, letters, postmarks, etc, that one has in all corners of his room “sancta santorum”, must come Inexcusably to create a sheet or sheets of the application “excel”. Do you have experience of having worked with this application for this purpose ?. Has anyone tried anything in this area with any country or area? Have you made any table ?

I would appreciate any information on this subject, because it could be a solution to my chronic material disorder. To put more emphasis and impredation on computer scientists I am also interested in knowing if someone has prepared excel sheets for ntroducis philatelic data. I use almost daily, in my work, tables or databases with excel and access. If you could create one to keep a record of stamps, but you would have to know what you want to register and with what purpose to be able to design it correctly.

Even so, the main virtue of these applications is that they can be done “√† la carte”, because they are relatively simple programs, just add or remove the fields that we want and we will have created our table. A “standard” table is not necessary since it is easy for everyone to create their own table .

Stamp Inventory Spreadsheet

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