Double Entry Accounting Spreadsheet

Double Entry Accounting Spreadsheet – When we want to collect a simple and quick way to visualize certain information, the quickest way to do this is to create a double-entry table that can later be converted to query databases quickly. But on many occasions due to lack of knowledge, means, purpose of time, it is […]

Bookkeeping Spreadsheets For Excel

Bookkeeping Spreadsheets For Excel – The Excel program is an indispensable tool for the accounting of a company, since the spreadsheets allow to annotate and control a wide variety of data. This is coupled with the multiple functions of Excel for calculations, operations and percentages. That’s why Excel templates are our great allies when it […]

Spreadsheet For Accounting In Small Business

Spreadsheet For Accounting In Small Business – Basic accounting programs for the company are one of the most demanded software on the net, where we can even download them thanks to its free license. However, it is not always easy to find the right program to adapt to our way of working and satisfy our […]

Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business

Simple Accounting Spreadsheet For Small Business – For thousands of years humanity has found a way to keep accounts in an orderly fashion. From clay slabs to electronic spreadsheets to ensure that there is a record of the goods. Although for many years the changes and innovations in accounting were practically non-existent (its basic principles […]