Common Spreadsheet Programs

Common Spreadsheet Programs – Here are the most common and useful functions of the calculation sheets so you can look for it as an educational resource: Scrolling through the sheet, you can basically perform through the cursor movement keys (arrows up, down, left and right) or with the mouse pointing and clicking (left click) on […]

Free Spreadsheet For Windows 8

Free Spreadsheet For Windows 8 – Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program, with no real competitors. The iconic cell-to-cell design leads the way in recording and displaying data in a very accessible and familiar way. Its graphical functions are incredibly easy to use, and its quick equation calculations save hours of work. Excel […]

Free Spreadsheet Software For Windows 7

Free Spreadsheet Software For Windows 7 – Within the field of office automation, spreadsheets are one of the tools most used, mainly for its versatility. They serve not only as a spreadsheet, but also as a database, as a management tool and global organization. No wonder, therefore, the large number of programs for spreadsheets that […]