Tracking Spending Spreadsheet

Tracking Spending Spreadsheet – In the excel template For expense control in a simple way to keep track of expenditures at a very detailed level.

Characteristics of the template

The expenses are recorded by month and by category and associated subcategory.
Each month shows the total expenditure, the maximum expenditure and the minimum.
It has a report sheet where the values ​​of each category and subcategory per month will be.
Obtains totals and percentage of expenditure with opening by category at annual level.
You have a quality control notice that you do not notice when totals do not match
This form is only for the Windows operating system, Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016.
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Monthly expenses

It is necessary to control the expenses that one month ago. DICHO of control allows us to evaluate v Which are the items that weigh the most It is the budget familiar or of Business of the UN. That way we can take: corrective actions to prevent the budget from being triggered and generate financial problems.

Tracking Spending Spreadsheet