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Travel Spreadsheet Excel Templates

Travel Spreadsheet Excel Templates

Travel Spreadsheet Excel Templates – Every time I program several travel alternatives, especially the long ones, I become gilipuertas doing calculations and I have had enough.

That is why I have made a spreadsheet in which I only have to put as the mandatory data the kilometers of each route in cell H9 and then the liters at 100 kms of predicted expenditure (cell K9) and the liter price of (Cell L9) and see how the cost data is shared in box Q9.

All other data are optional (Origin, Country, Visiting, Passing By, Destination, Country, Travel time according to Michelin Via, Tolls according to Michelin and Ferrys).

It also adds the columns giving the result in row 4 labeled “Accumulated”. That way you can see the accumulated kilometers, the expense in Gasoil, the tolls expense, the Ferrys expense and the total cost of the trip, sum of all the above.

Shaded cells in gray contain conditional formulas so that nothing is displayed until the first data counter (Cell L9).
To avoid accidentally deleting the formulas protected the sheet so that you can not select those cells that contain formulas.
If you want to make a modification on your own you only have to select in the menu “Unblock Sheet” and a continuation in the dialog box insert the word “calculation”, in lowercase and without accent.
With that you unlock the sheet and you can edit all the content but EYE: you can delete the formulas contained in those cells and the worksheet will no longer work.

Although it is nonsense to me is useful when I program several trips or one trip but for two or more different routes. So with one stroke I can calculate costs and decide where I am going and where.

The spreadsheet is made with the latest version of Excel but I have recorded it in a format compatible with previous versions so that everyone has an access to it. That is: it is in extension .XLS instead of .XLSX

I hope you find it useful.

Travel Spreadsheet Excel Templates