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Truck Driver Expense Spreadsheet

Truck Driver Expense Spreadsheet

Truck Driver Expense Spreadsheet – If you work as a truck driver, you may be able to deduct expenses related to the company that are not reimbursed by your employer, even if you do not own the vehicle. You can only claim these deductions if you choose to detail the place of taking the standard deduction. Self-employed drivers are informed of deductions with their business income in the Annex. 1040. If you are employed by a trucking company, you must list the deductions in Schedule A.

Vehicle expenses
If you own your vehicle, you can choose to get rid of the standard rate per mile of actual operating expenses, including oil, gas, repairs, maintenance, registration and depreciation. For 2012, the standard IRS mileage rate was 55-1 / 2 cents per mile. This number is subject to changes as the cost of living increases. If you are an employee driving a company van, you can only deduct the actual cost of gas, parking, tolls and repair or maintenance items that you pay out of pocket and none reimbursed by the company. Other supplies required in the course of work, such as a CB radio, tarpaulins, chains, belts or mats, are deductible for all drivers.

Accommodation and meals
The IRS publishes the deduction rates for lodging and food expenses. These rates vary by location and increase periodically to keep up with the current costs. You can choose the normal rate or deduct your actual accommodation costs and half of your meals and gratuities. If you choose the actual expenses method, the deposits save your receipts as proof in case the auditor. For the normal type, a record with dates, destination cities and reasons for each trip.

Affiliation Fees
Some truck drivers are required to belong to a union or other industry organization. You can deduct fees or union membership fees that are not reimbursed by your employer. If you subscribe to a communication with the trade, it is possible to deduct the subscription fee. This deduction does not apply to books or magazines purchased for recreational reading.

Office supplies
You can deduct the cost of basic office supplies, stories like envelopes, paper, staples and pens. Copies, fax charges, long distance calls and internet access cards are also deductible if you need to contact your employer while traveling on the road.

Clothing and hairdressing expenses
If you are required to pay for your own uniforms, you can deduct these expenses. This deduction applies if you purchase the uniform from a store or your employer to deduct and deduct the cost of your salary. You can also deduct personal hygiene items, shaving kits, shower fees and laundry expenses related to maintaining your uniform. Work clothing that is not part of a uniform is deductible only if you can not use it as personal clothing while you are not in the van.

Truck Driver Expense Spreadsheet