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Wedding Expense Spreadsheet

Wedding Expense Spreadsheet – The organization is basic when it comes to specifying all the details of a wedding.
And more so when we talk about budget. In fact, the first things you and your partner should talk about is the type of wedding you want: an intimate one, with a small number of guests, usually parents, siblings and grandparents; A family member, the invitation is extended to cousins, uncles and the closest friends; Or multitudinous, with family, friends and even commitments.

It is something that you should do well in advance, since this will depend on the list of guests and, therefore, the number of invitations and the silverware of the wedding party.

Based on that, you will have to think about the budget that you will need to fulfill all the payments of a wedding and thus to plan the organization: evidently, they will vary a lot as you opt for an intimate or multitudinous wedding.

If your parents are paying the cutlery (which is the main expense of a wedding), talk to them also, because they are interested parties. Although surely the vast majority of them would like to help as much as possible, not all economic situations are the same; And in any case, we must be grateful.
In addition, in our day, we should be the bride and groom who spend with the expenses, which are covered to a large extent with the gifts of the guests. Increasingly, we usually marry a few ages in which we have long ago left childhood and parental protection … Although we also understand that, if they can, some parents are excited to run the costs.

The template that you have here will be very useful, since all the items of your wedding expenses are disaggregated. Thus, you can write down an estimate of the money that you are going to allocate to each one of them and, once you know, and sure, the amount you can write it in “Actual Expenses”. In this way you will be very comfortable something essential: keep the accounts of your wedding.

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Wedding Expense Spreadsheet