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What Is Spreadsheet Software

What Is Spreadsheet Software – Spreadsheet (or spreadsheet program) is a type of software through which numeric data can be used and therefore perform automatic calculation of numbers in the table. With this tool it is also possible to automate complex calculations by using a large number of parameters and create a table known as the worksheet. In addition, spreadsheets can also generate a graphical representation of input data: histograms, curves, pie charts …

As we see, they are a kind of basic programs that are important in any business, good for the office as a matter of accounting and finance issues.

On the Internet we can find a lot of applications that are dedicated to working with this spreadsheet to perform all the above mentioned tasks, and many more. Classic and powerful alternative for Microsoft Excel, some payment and others completely free, we will review below:

Gestion MGD
With ODM Gestion could remain under the financial control of our company in all aspects. We will have everything necessary to carry out this task the management of accounting data such as: magazines, invoices, suppliers, products, etc., etc.

A free solution for creating and managing a PalmOS device spreadsheet in CSV (Excel) format. Through the window is divided into rows and columns of regular cells, we can record all kinds of data (text or numerical values) to create complete and practical spreadsheets anywhere, anytime.

Gnumeric is a program to manage and create spreadsheets in the Gnome desktop environment that is distributed as free and open source software. Gnumeric has functions similar to Microsoft Excel and, therefore, is an excellent alternative to the latter. Gnumeric import and export data related programs such as Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Applix, SYLK, Xbase, Open Office, Quattro Pro, Dif, a perfect plan, and oil.

SmartDraw is packed with gaps carefully in the office, it offers a powerful drawing application with which you can make all kinds of flowcharts, schematics, Gantt diagrams, calendars, decision trees, and even a map (through Of the integration with Google Maps). This is how this program stands out not only as a spreadsheet but not as presentation software. It is the missing link in the office chain.

For those of you who are still using a manual approach to bring your books, etc. An electronic spreadsheet program is a computer application consisting of rows and columns forming a grid. You can enter a formula that automatically gives the total to a list of numbers, meaning that you will never have to use the calculator again.

While Microsoft Office and Excel have become the industry standard, not all spreadsheet programs are created in the same way. Whether you are looking for a certain function or just an alternative to Excel, it is important that you make an informed decision. You have to find something that is easy to use and above all economic! We have evaluated the best software programs so that you can determine which one is the best according to your needs and budget. In this publication you will find an evaluation of each spreadsheet program.

Most spreadsheet programs are simply parts of a suite of office applications for home computers. This means that the programs can not be purchased as a separate product, but in most cases you can find this advantageous as you get a whole package and this means that you will get more for your money.

Utility – Can you find stuff? Is it easy to delete or insert cells? Can you resize fonts and colors without much difficulty?

Simple Formula Building – When you need to develop a formula, is it easy to figure out how to make the formula?

Formula Library – You do not want to write every formula you need. Look for a repository of formulas to choose from.

Conditional Format – We all know you want to highlight the important parts of the spreadsheet – the one that shows how much income you have made or when you owe (oh, hopefully not).

Print – Be sure to choose a program that allows you to print the part of the spreadsheet you are interested in printing. If not, you end up with a huge print that might not even fit the paper you’re using with your printer.

Web Publishing – Many of the spreadsheets you develop could be of interest to many people in your organization. This means that instead of emailing the spreadsheet, you might consider putting it on a website. A good spreadsheet program makes it easy to convert a spreadsheet to HTML so that it can be put on the Internet with ease.

Adding symbols and images – In your final product, the fact that you can make the information you have gathered look attractive can end up being very important to you. Select a product that gives you the ability to import attractive symbols, images and be easy to change colors, fonts and font backgrounds.

What to Look for in a Spreadsheet Software Program?

There are several elements in spreadsheet programs and some are more important for particular users than for others. Regardless of that, here are some of the most important aspects to consider when evaluating which spreadsheet software program is best for you:

Today, whether you choose to go with Microsoft Excel or not, you will always have customers and partners who use Excel. That means you’ll need to be able to open and save your work in formats with which Microsoft can work. This means that one of the most important capabilities that your new spreadsheet program should tell you is the ability to be compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Spreadsheet programs can be much more interactive and functional if they can be accessed by computer programs. When you choose the spreadsheet that will help you the most, you will want to be sure that your choice will work with the programming language you will need to use.

There are a ton of additional features you can get from your spreadsheet program. The important thing here is to make sure that your choice has everything you want to use. Many people want to be able to place pictures and symbols in their spreadsheets. They also want to add comments to the cells so that people who see it can get an explanation of something that is not very clear just look at the numbers and columns.

Check the features carefully and choose one that will allow you to grow in the future.

When you are doing your calculations, you will want to have a lot of flexibility when you enter the parts that must be added, subtracted, multiplied, divided, averaged, etc. Although all programs have these functions, not all of them are easy to use. You will want a set of tools that will allow you to repeat the formulas for each row and column that is created.

You will also want a spreadsheet that has a large number of built-in formulas from which you can choose. After all, you do not want to re-invent the wheel every time you try to prepare a complex spreadsheet.

The formulas, however, can not be the only way to work. Why? Because every time you need a formula on a new spreadsheet, you will often have to rebuild them and that’s why many people are using programming languages ​​to build functions that can be used over and over again. Obviously this can save you time if you tend to create complex formulas.

Print and Publish
Once you have finished with all the calculations for your spreadsheet, you will have others who will want to see the information. And not everyone wants to see a page full of numbers. Each program offers a variety of different ways to display information in pie charts, bar charts and lines. Check out the variety that is offered in each spreadsheet program as there are those who will evaluate your work and how attractive the graphics look.

Some will want to see your findings on the web so make sure your selection easily publish information in HTML format. Also, do not forget that people will prefer to re-submit the spreadsheets in PDF format so make sure your software can easily spell the spreadsheet in PDF format.

More than anything, you want to choose a program that has an interface that you find easy to work with. You will only know this about the spreadsheet program if you download it to make sure you like the way everything is arranged.

Whenever you are looking for a new software application, make sure that when you have a problem or if you can not find how to use a new feature the help section is of good quality. Make sure you click the help link if you have an easy-to-use method to find the information you need.

Remember that no matter how fabulous the program is, if you can not install it, you can not use it. We have evaluated each of the programs in this aspect of ease of installation.

Consider your options and unique combination of features and utility of each software. We have rated and positioned the best spreadsheet software programs so you can find the best option that meets your needs.

1.- Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a fabulous product. When you talk about spreadsheets, everyone thinks about Excel. Customers who choose to get Excel are making a wise decision and the reason for that is compatibility. In addition, there is the fact that everyone can access Excel, users can learn something new from the Microsoft site; Even veteran users of calculation sheets.

2.- Ability Spreadsheet

Although Ability Spreadsheet may be limited in allowing users to use programming code, we still believe Ability Spreadsheet is a good tool and anyone who buys it will feel it is worth the investment.

3.- PlanMaker

PlanMaker has unique features that you should sincerely evaluate, especially if you are going to need to develop forms with your spreadsheets. This capability could be useful especially if you need to build mechanisms to work on the web. Before purchasing your spreadsheet program, consider taking advantage of SoftMaker’s free download offer, but make sure you get ActiveSync for your system first.

4.- StarOffice 9 Calc

StarOffice 9 Calc is a good product that, if you manage to install it, you will be very satisfied. But, if you have problems with any part of StarOffice Software, you will have difficulty with the support service to start using the product. If you are interested in working with templates in a variety of foreign languages, you might consider the StarOffice suite.

5.- Calculate

Corel Office de Corel is a quality product that will especially appeal to those who need to use a spreadsheet program that can produce attractive documents in a professional and even artistic way. If this is what you need, Corel Office may be the product you are looking for.

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What Is Spreadsheet Software