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Yearly Expenses Spreadsheet

Yearly Expenses Spreadsheet

Yearly Expenses Spreadsheet – The month of January is the perfect time to plan and schedule the most important expenses of the year, and to use your budget in the most efficient way. Plan the help that ensures your income covers the total of your expenses, helps manage your money so that your income and expenses are balanced and allow you to control your finances.

Here we present a proposal of programming the most important expenses, which will surely help you to plan a more effective way of your finances.

Yearly Expenses January. Pay the property tax; If you do it on an annual basis you get benefits and avoid paperwork during the rest of the year.

Yearly Expenses February. Month of inscriptions, tuition and uniforms. The period for submitting the annual declaration of individuals for income tax, VAT and IA is from February to April.

Yearly Expenses March. It pays on time the tenure of your vehicle when it separates half of the measure as a preventive measure.

Yearly Expenses April. The annual tax return must be filed for natural persons. There are toy offers for Children’s Day.

Yearly Expenses Mayonnaise. The utilities are received. Before you spend them, have you thought about investing them? There are white line discounts and appliances for Mother’s Day.

Yearly Expenses June. They start the cockroaches in department stores. If holiday sales, remember the general review of car, some service like brakes, or change of tires.

Yearly Expenses July. The return to class is coming, with purchases of school supplies and uniforms.

Yearly Expenses August Home safety is important, have you renewed your home and car insurance policies?

Yearly Expenses September. Make a visit to the doctor, dentist and optician; Or submitted to a full medical checkup.

Yearly Expenses October. It is a good time to maintain the house, such as waterproofing and painting.

Yearly Expenses November. Program of activities and purchases for the week before Christmas.

Yearly Expenses December. Start the annual festivities, remember to save a percentage of the bonus to avoid the next “January slope.”

Any style is appropriate, as long as it allows a balanced and timely financial statement. This translates into a simple rule: income should not be less than expenses.

“Now is the time. Do it for yourself … Because if you are good, your family too.”

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Yearly Expenses Spreadsheet